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Transform Your Bedroom to a Mini-Paradise

There is a certain feeling of warmth, comfort, and luxury that a hotel room provides. You can feel an aura of luxury as soon as you step into the room. The interior is immaculate and everything is flawless and well-thought to the last detail. Hotels achieve this because their owners go to extreme lengths to guarantee a super-comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Achieving such look in your own bedroom is not as hard as it seems. You can be surprised to the huge difference a small tweak here and there with some cash makes. Read on to transform your bedroom look.

  1. Have great bed linen
  2. If there is one thing hotels heavily invest in is the bed and its’ linen. A bed should be a comfortable escape to all the chaos encountered during the day. After all it’s where you unwind and rest after a long day of everyday hassles.

    • Replace your thin mattress for a supportive one. A thin mattress is very uncomfortable and might be the reason you wake up tired daily.
    • Replace synthetic pillow filling with down feathers. If you can’t afford the costly down feathers, buy a small amount and mix it with synthetic-fibre filling. The small bit makes a difference. After all it’s better to have some than none at all.
    • Purchase high-quality sheets preferably made of natural fibres (cotton, linen). They don’t have to be Egyptian cotton, but whatever it is, go for those with a high-thread count - they are more comfortable. Alternatively, purchase second-hand high quality sheets. They are a cheap alternative. Just make sure to treat it well before use for hygienic reasons.
    • Go for neutral-coloured bed linen- mostly grey, white, and beige as they look classier. Likewise avoid patterned bed linen and opt for the solid-coloured ones. Patterned linens have a cheap look.
    • Notice how almost all hotels have a specific way of arranging pillows? That’s because they follow some guideline, and here it is: Rest two functional pillows against the bed head, followed by two decorative pillows resting against the functional pillows. For a perfect finish, place one decorative throw pillow to rest in the middle of the two pillows.
    • All pillows shouldn’t take more than a quarter of the total bed length.
    • Overfill your pillows for a sumptuous feel.
    • Always leave your bed polished and well-made. You achieve nothing if all the effort put forth can’t be seen thanks to an unmade bed.
  3. Furniture

  4. Furniture adds 60% functional aesthetics in any room, yet is one of the most ignored and less-invested aspects in a bedroom.
    • All your bedroom furniture should be made of quality and long-lasting materials. Most quality furniture are expensive so you’ll need to dig deeper here. It’s an investment worth making though.
    • If you lack money to purchase a whole new furniture piece, refurbish existing furniture pieces - especially the ones in perfectly good shape but have some parts broken. Just repair it, add a fresh coat of paint and voila! You have a new-looking quality furniture.
    • Choose contemporary pieces with lean, straight, and intricate lines. They exude elegance and luxury.
    • Add one or two comfortable chairs where you can curl up and read your favourite book after a long day or hold conversations. A cheaper option is to add a cushion to an existing plain chair and still achieve the same results.
    • Plastics cheapen a room. Steer away from it.
    • Paint peeled off furniture and polish metallics for a sparkling new look.
    • Above all, ensure your bathroom is always clean. Drain off excess water and wipe off water marks from the mirror.
    Rule of thumb: Never value aesthetics over functionality especially when it comes to furniture.
  5. Don’t ignore the bathroom

  6. The bathroom is a largely ignored part in any bedroom. We assume that since it’s seen by few people, it doesn’t require much attention. How wrong! If anything, the bathroom should be given utmost attention. A great bedroom +a bad bathroom= an unpleasant room. Have you ever seen a good hotel with a bath bathroom? Never. Give maximum attention to your bathroom.
    • Replace old bathrobes with soft sumptuous ones. Again, opt for a second-hand if new ones are too pricey for you. Just make sure to give it a thorough treatment before use.
    • Purchase new, soft, plush towels. For hygienic purposes, you’ll need to purchase new ones here. Don’t buy the cheaper second-hand ones.
    • Choose towels made with natural fibres (cotton) and of bright shades (whites and pale blues).
    • Have a small display tables of miniature perfumes bottles, shaving creams and lotions on your bathroom table for an immaculate look.
    • Use diffusers, scented candles, or air freshener to get a sweet natural scent. Nothing beats a sweet-smelling bathroom. If you can, add a small bouquet of fresh flowers once in a while.
    • Above all, ensure your bathroom is always clean. Drain off excess water and wipe off water marks from the mirror.
  7. Use The Right Colour scheme
  8. Different colours evokes different emotions. Some colours scream modernity and luxury more than others, particularly the neutral colours. Most hotels prefer a neutral colours over bright and shouting ones. Neutral colours ooze elegance and luxury. To achieve such:
    • Use a neutral colour palette with one or two accent colours. Neutral colours consist of pale blues, beige, greys, and whites.
    • Paint your walls only with neutral colours. White makes the room feel lighter- and it’s proven that individuals prefer to sleep in a light-coloured bedroom.
    • Drapery are better off in neutrals too.
    • Alternatively, use darker hues like dark blues and dark greens over shouting colours. They tend to look luxurious.
    • Limit bright and shouting colours to accessories only.
    • Add a pop of colour to the room by incorporating it your décor.
    • Add a bit of silver, gold, and bronze metallic trimmings for an elegant touch.
  9. Invest on Lighting
  10. Lighting sets the mood and adds interest to any space. Bad lighting decreases any interior’s beauty. Ever notice that hotels have a warm and inviting feel? That’s because they heavily invest on an array of lighting. They not only have chandeliers and wall scones, but also mood lighting and table lamps. Our bedrooms on the other hand only have one traditional overhead light - which by the way is too bright. Make the lighting work for you.
    • Ditch the basic overhead lighting for a statement piece like a chandelier. There are many affordable chandeliers out there.
    • Functional lighting should be bright enough to avoid straining. Functional lighting is like those we use for reading.
    • Buy soft bedside lamps that preferably dim and brighten.
    • Replace traditional lampshade with warm/gold-coloured lampshade made with fibre (cotton, linen, synthetic). Lampshade impacts how light illuminates therefore a gold-coloured one illuminates a warm, inviting light.
    • Overall lighting should be soft. Soft lighting creates a warm cosy mood suitable for a bedroom. The normal lighting we use is too bright and unsuitable for a bedroom.
  11. Curtains
  12. The right type of curtains accentuate and bring out the luxury of a room.
    • Opt for custom made-to-measure curtains that perfectly fit your windows. Since shops tend to overprice readymade curtains, buy the material yourself and then hire a seamstress to make it for you- it’s cheaper.
    • Use voluminous heavy-looking material over sheer light ones as they look expensive and elegant.
    • Embrace the use of layered window treatments. That is using a sheer curtain together with a block-out curtain. The sheer filters light and provides privacy whilst still radiating light to the interior, whereas the block-out curtain blocks out unwanted light like morning light for an undisturbed good night’s sleep.
    • Choose darker shades over bright ones as they look luxurious.
    • Avoid heavy valances. They easily collect dust.
  13. Décor
  14. An interior devoid of décor is like a plain canvas without a single stroke of painting-it’s boring and ugly. Adding décor brings more life, a pop of colour, and it beautifies the room considering you’ve used neutral colour schemes almost everywhere.
    • Place a statement piece of art-preferably a painting or a well framed picture- above the head bed.
    • An art wall covering the whole wall is also desirable.
    • Look for art that tells a story and has an impact to the viewer. Don’t buy local art that doesn’t even match with your interior as it downgrades the room’s value.
    • Not every plain wall needs to be covered with an artwork or painting. This only adds an element of confusion and clutter. One or two are enough.
    • Throw in decorative throw pillows to brighten the room and add some pop of colour.
    • Bookshelves are not reserved for books only. Add an art piece or a decorative pillow for that fun twist.
    • Incorporate nature into your interior. You can: neatly arrange small lime stones on a tiny plate at the table, have an aquarium, or purchase some houseplants. They add a natural element to the room.
    • Once in a while, buy some fresh flowers, preferably those with gentle scents like rose and orchids. Doesn’t have to be many though, in fact the less the better. Nothing beats the sweet natural fragrance of fresh flowers.
    • Arranged your décor pieces in threes as objects look better in threes.
  15. Organization is key
  16. One major thing that makes hotel rooms look neat and organized is that they embrace minimalism. They keep everything simple and are neither too showy nor too loud in their design- rather, subtly elegant. This, however, is a stark contrast to our bedrooms - there is almost always a pile of clothes on the floor, the bed side is overstuffed with useless stuff, the table is stacked with old magazines you don’t read, etcetera. This lack of organization only works against what you are trying best to achieve-a luxurious looking room.
    • Heavily invest on storage equipment like shelves, wardrobe, storage baskets, and bedside drawers. They keep everything well organized.
    • Keep everything in its’ right place - the books on the bookshelf, the cloths on the wardrobe, extra stuff on the storage pieces and ensure they are neatly arranged.
    • Incorporate hidden storage in your room. A good way is using under-the-bed drawers and hiding your storage baskets under the bed. Disguise this with a bed skirt over them for a neat look.
    • Get rid of too much clutter. They are mostly things we don’t need. In case you’re not sure which is clutter and which is not, keep the item for one month. If you don’t use it for the whole month, it’s clutter. Throw it out.
    • Arrange furniture in a simple and organized way. You can download 3D floor planning apps to help you here. You’ll are able to see how the finished room will look like before physically moving the furniture.
Now you see how easy it is to transform your bedroom to a luxurious sanctuary? At least implement some, if not all, and you’ll see the difference. I’m sure you’ll love it. Don’t just toss this piece away after reading it. This could be your bedroom if you only follow the above guidelines.