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Can Love Be Faked?

Love is a strong emotion that overcomes everything. It’s the glue that holds everything together, and the antinode to hate and enmity. It’s like a drug¬¬ – high and addictive. If you’ve been lucky enough to experience it, then you know what am talking about.

But with all the fakeness in the world today, we are bound to ask ourselves if love can really be faked. I bet there were instances you thought you’ve finally found your rib, only to be proven otherwise. They hurt you, cheated on you and dumped you like you meant nothing; leaving you feeling as if someone ripped your heart out, shredded it into pieces, and lit it on fire without a care. And when they left, you kept asking yourself over and over again- was it all fake?

Well, love as we all know is an emotion. And just like happiness or sadness, we can’t control it and neither can it be faked. A person, however, can fake being in love- mostly for their own gain. They’ll act and talk like a person in love, but it is only them who truly know they are putting on a show. Their motivation (what they gain) makes them masters at the game and they easily win at it - getting you right where they want.

This form of using deception to gain the upper hand can be traced back to animals where they severally used it as a survival technique. With time, human beings have found themselves subconsciously taking up this behaviour and applying it in their own lives.

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to separate a person who truly loves you and one who doesn’t. But no matter how much they fake it, they are humans, and they are bound to slip up. You need to have a keen eye to notice these slip ups that we easily pass them as flaws.

Signs of Fake Love

  • Fake love always wants something in return-money, sex, fame, a promotion, elevation in the workplace etc. Notice how your partner reacts when they don’t get what they want- and you have your answer.
  • Whereas true love is unconditional, fake love thrives in conditions and demands. A fake lover will say something in the lines of “spend time with me and not your family members or else we are over”. Fake love is filled with demands, manipulation, and controlling behaviour.
  • Fake love is emotionally distant whilst true love is built on strong emotional intimacy. Emotional intimacy is where couples are open, honest, vulnerable, and let their partner see their soul. A fake lover will do anything but let you see their soul. Emotional intimacy breeds true love-and they know that. Being emotionally intimate will only make him vulnerable and susceptible to really fall in love.
  • A fake lover showers you with too much compliments and praise no matter what you have done. Their words dipped in honey just to flatter you. A true lover on the other hand will only praise you when you do something worth praising and keep you in check when you do the opposite. They’ll be real with you because they always want to see you grow.
  • A fake love is secretive. Sure we should always keep one or two things away from our partners, but a fake lover keeps everything a secret. You’ll find you don’t know any crucial detail about your partner. You don’t know his past, his family and close friends, and unaware of what’s going on in their life. And when you raise that concern, they will give you a lame excuse, or even fabricate a lie just to shut you up.
True love is there- in scarce though, but fake love dressed as true love is in surplus and floating everywhere. The worst thing is that it’s getting even harder to separate the two. You’ve got two options now: fall in love and hope that your partner is genuinely in love with you, or be too cautious to an extent you choose not to fall in love- and miss out on all the wonderful things loves brings forth.