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How to Choose Infant Car Seat Covers

Your baby may have your dimples, your eyes, or your smile. But she doesn’t have your immune system. They have the weakest and most fragile immune system amongst humans. It’s only natural that you as a parent should jump through hoops to protect your child against disease-causing germs.

A car seat cover is one of the ways. It protects your baby against: sunlight, pollen, wind, dust, cold, bacteria, bugs, and the prying eyes of strangers by creating a barrier (literally) between your baby and the outside world.

With the market dissolved with many car seat covers, it can be difficult to differentiate the wheat from the chaff. Follow these guidelines for a car seat cover that perfectly gets the job done.

  1. Material

  2. Infant car seat covers come in array of materials. Opt for one made with high-quality material.

    A high-quality material: doesn’t fade, withstands prolonged wear and tear, doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin, is wrinkle-resistant, durable, machine washable, and easy to clean and maintain.

    It, however, costs more. This shouldn’t be an excuse not to buy it though. It’s a worthy investment which in the long run will save you money thanks to its’ durable characteristic.
  3. Temperature control

  4. We experience different seasons year long, and it would be costly to buy a cover for each season. Instead, select one that adjusts to the different seasons whilst still perform well.

    In summer, it should shield your baby against harsh sunlight while allowing sufficient air circulation to avoid overheating. On those chilly winter months, it should provide sufficient warmth to your baby.

    Before buying, check with the manufacturer to ensure it’s suitable for all seasons.
  5. Function
  6. My reason for purchasing a seat cover might not be the same as yours. Ask yourself:
    • Do I take long car trips?
    • During which season will I use the car seat most?
    • Will I frequently remove it?
    • Do I need a multi-purpose one?
    • Do I need a reversible one?
    Note down the most important reasons for wanting a car seat cover, then choose one that best suits your needs.
  7. Others
  8. The other numerous and equally important tips include:
    • It should perfectly fit to the car seat. A with an elastic edge clamps perfectly onto the seat.
    • A multi-purpose cover that can function as: an infinity scarf, a nursing cover, high chair cover, a changing pad, and an infant car seat cover is desirable. It’s efficient and saves you money.
    • If you are a big fan of aesthetics, choose a reversible infant car seat cover as it provides two different patterns in 1.
    • It should provide easy access to check on your little gem. A cover with a peek-a-boo window or a zipper allows for such.
    • DO NOT use a cover that goes underneath the harness straps. Experts say that this is unsafe and highly dangerous.
    • When all is said and done, it’s the size of your pocket that has the final say. Buy one affordable to you.
Keep the above tips in mind the next time you’re choosing your baby’s car seat cover. Once you’ve settled on the one to purchase, kindly read online reviews and testimonials first to see what others are saying about the product.